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Aftercare and Demonstrations

Through the continued support to our customers we have made a substantial investment into our own demonstration site. This will be to support our customers in the training and product familiarisation after and before buying there new Machines.

What is the Experience ?

Well you will of heard of the Land Rover Experience…. well now we have brought to you the SANY Experience. We have a large dedicated site with a number of machines from the SANY range to try and test in the field. Demonstrations involve a lot of time and money when you may want too try more than one excavator and it may be a 50 ton machine which involves great costs in moving around, so we decided to set up our own training/demonstration facility to fulfil the needs of our customers and potential customers.

Through invitation only you can come and see the range and try a variety of machines all in one place with refreshments and lunch on us. To get the most of the machines understanding and knowing all aspects of the machines features and maintenance points is key in to the full benefits and performance of the machines, so we are serious about aftercare and have provided you with this facility for the support and care needed when investing in Plant & Machinery.

How do I get in touch?

You can either call the office or get in touch with your local Sales Representative

Mark Smalley 07956 717917

Richard Hollingworth 07984 327323

Ross Quinn 07497 888675

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