Pronar N262/1 14/17 Manure Spreader Used in Good Order


Used in excellent working order, 24m spread and rear steering axle


£24,000 plus vat



Perfect for the biggest farms, the biggest in our offer  PRONAR manure spreader N262/1. Stiff and reliable construction allows to spread all kinds of manure, lime, peat, compost, sewage sludge and pasty materials. Loading box with side walls 1265mm of height has 14m3 of load volume. Conveyor has been reinforced and it consists of 4 chains, chain link 14mm of thickness. Adapter’s efficiency is 4m3/min and its spreading width is from 12 up to 25m.


Technical data
Permissible total weight: 21200* [kg]
Load capacity: 14000* [kg]
Empty weight: 7200** [kg]
Load volume: 14 [m 3]
Loading space: 11,1 [m 2]
Internal length of Loading space: 5600 [mm]
Internal width of Loading space: trapezoid: 1955/1995 [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height: 9000/2550/3740*** [mm]
Sidewall height: 1265**** [mm]
Floor/wall thickness: 4/3 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground: 1530 [mm]
Wheel track: 1940 [mm]
Suspension: tandem – parabolic springs
Hitch-ring load: 2200 [kg]
Tyres: 600/50-22.5
Construction speed: 40 [km/h]
PTO speed: 1000 [rpm]
Minimum tractor power requirement / adaptor type 147.4/108.3 [hp/kW]
Adapter type / max spreading width AH20/25 [-/m]


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